Since the introduction of mobile platforms like Android and iOS the mobile application market grows exponentially. The number of mobile devices Google activates each day sums up to 900,000 Android devices and Apple counts already more than 30 billion iOS app downloads.

The Embility GmbH develops and integrates mobile solutions, which fulfill your specific requirements, optimize workflows, shrink costs and convince with the latest technology on the booming market. We mainly focus on development for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone devices.

Mobile Security

Introducing mobile devices into internal businesses, e.g. as with BYOD, often goes along with underestimating the risk of sharing internal data with third parties. The mobile applications developed by the Embility GmbH prevent such security lacks by the latest security concepts and techniques. We also consult and teach about security practices for the mobile platforms Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Industrial Apps

Extending industrial setups by introducing mobile devices often leads to problems and questions. This includes topics like security, usability and real-time capability. The experiences and competences of the Embility GmbH allow you to identify possible areas of applications for mobile systems within the industrial setup, and to exclude other areas. Although mobile devices have a high performance, they still are not capable to deal with many requirements arising from industrial setups. We know about the capabilities of mobile devices, but we also know their limits.

Identifying Potentials for Mobile Solutions

By the integration of recent mobile technologies, already existing and running systems often provide a huge potential for optimization. The Embility GmbH provides services to identify these chances within your business. We design solutions, which benefit from these potentials in an optimal manner and result in improved workflows and reduced costs. We are your partner from the analysis of your system, over the development and integration of a mobile solution up to its maintenance.

Developing Mobile Apps

The Embility GmbH develops mobile apps which fulfill both, the specific requirements of our customers as well as the high demands of todays mobile device users. From the amount of the most recent technologies and capabilities of mobile platforms, we choose optimal combination of key components for your apps and implement these as one integrated smartphone or tablet solution.

Software? Safety first!

Our experiences in developing software for safety-critical and reliable embedded devices contribute notably in fulfilling your particular quality requirements. This includes, e.g., the integration of specific programming guidelines and tight compliance with tool and test standards. Of course discretion and nondisclosure belong to our highest business ethic principles.

Process Optimization through Integration of Mobile Devices

With the increasing performance of mobile devices, their numerous features like Bluetooth, GPUs and cameras, and a high connectivity, recent mobile devices are capable of contributing and optimizing processes significantly in various scenarios. We connect the mobile solution to your already existing system or develop a corresponding system for you. This includes server applications, database systems, interconnectivity between various system components and desktop applications.

Expertise Preprogrammed

The Embility GmbH provides professional competence in the area of mobile embedded systems. This expertise contains development and optimization of software, including requirements analysis, design, prototyping and implementation. We also focus on software quality assurance of life cycle-based architectures, measurements and testing in real-time scenarios, and software-based simulation.